a moderator team reminder

We must be vigilant to not act on our own biases and prejudices that create exclusionary thoughts or tendencies of any kind. As much as you may dislike what some people have to say, sometimes the most controversial must be ‘protected’ to ensure that their side remain a presence within our community. If we do not do this, and we begin removing people with whom we disagree, don’t understand, or simply don’t like we will end up in an echo chamber where everyone looks and acts the same way. Boring. Removals happen more through peer pressure and mob mentalities than via broken rules and bans, don’t forget this also.

It’s clear some of us hold strong views one way or the other, which is well and good but as representatives of this community we should set them aside at the door and work to ensure that everyone can have a voice here. Obviously provided that they are not outright trolling or speaking hate speech of any kind, that should be shut down immediately.

Lets all work together to try and ensure we remain as diverse and inclusive as possible, that is a key value that has perhaps not been spoken of before but if you look at the historical composition of the mod team, it was designed with diversity of view and persona in mind.

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