How I spiralled my fibula and broke it in three places :(


I was doing some core strength stuff with a medicine ball. Did a 1+ min stretch balancing on it like a rock. Got off, had some water, got back on. I think my heel dimpled the ball, next thing I heard the loudest snap I’ve ever heard. My foot was facing the wrong way when I looked down. 

I’ve broken a lot of bones, and had many injuries, what happened next was really different. My whole body was flooded with what I assume were endorphins. My body heat went right up, and I began sweating profusely. I also started to get some ringing in my ears, and starry vision.

It happened in a basement, I crawled up the stairs, and then collapsed once at the landing with everything in my head getting more intense. Ringing, spots etc in my eyes, the voices of my friends got further and further away until I heard them say call an ambulance, which I was able to say no to.

5 mins later they got me out into a vehicle for transport to the Hospital, and then I felt pain for the first time, and I also came completely out of the head ‘fog’ instantly.

I guess the body knew it was really hurt and just let loose with a barrage. Super strange.

Got to the hospital, which was only 2mins away, and there was not a single person in the emerg room, or xray. I was in & out with an aircast & crutches in less than an hour!

It’s a spiral fracture of my tibia fibula, after seeing the Dr. this morning (Friday) I am now scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning to insert a plate and some pins.

6 weeks until I am allowed to ride a bike on the trainer. Hope to cut that by 2 weeks.

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  1. I completely feel your pain. Shattered by tib & fib on July 4th last year. Body went into shock and I don’t remember anything beyond waking up in the ER the next morning. 8 screws & a plate later…And now one year later, I’m 99% 🙂 Good luck and DON’T stop taking those pain pills before they say you can. Nothing’s worse than chasing the pain.

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