How to get what you want from your cellular service provider

I put together a list of basic things you can do to get what you want from cell phone companies like Rogers.

They are:

Know what you use each month. Average your last 6 months of bills to have an idea of: how many minutes you use, how much long distance you use, how many texts you send. Also make note of when in the day your minutes are used, and how many are incoming minutes.

Next, do some research into plans from competing companies that match up with your usage patterns. Write this stuff all down, so that you can refer to it when on the phone with Rogers.

Next, take a look at the Plans currently offered by your provider, see which ones match your needs, and write down their basic features & prices.

Compare this to what you’re currently paying, so you have an idea how much you’re over paying now.

Write down what you wan to achieve in calling your provider. ie: How much money you need to save each month in order to stay with them.

Call your provider, follow the prompts and select cancel service. When they are on the phone, remain calm & polite, they are just CSRs, but they can do a lot more for you if you’re nice to them.

Lay out your situation…you’ve been with them for how long as a customer, you currently spend $xx with them each month on cell phones, & internet & cable maybe? Stress that you’re a high value customer, esp if you have been with them for longer than 3 years. Even more so if you have more than one service from the same provider.

Explain what the competitors offer, and tell them you’re willing to leave, unless they can make you an offer that saves you enough money to stay.

Service providers are constantly worried about their churn (customers who leave for other providers each month). If you have any kind of tenure, pay your bills, and subscribe to a monthly plan, they don’t want to lose your monthly fees. They will work to accommodate you.

Chances are the CSR will put you on hold so they can confer with a supervisor. Typically they come back on the line with a ‘retentions’ plan. These are offerings that are not publicized and typically much lower priced. Their sole purpose is to entice customers to stay, rather than leave for another provider.

One they’ve laid out their offer, compare it to what the other providers are offering. Take into account free handset deals from a new provider, or possible cancellation fees from your existing one and you’ve got all the info you need to make a decision.

Also, if you want to ensure you aren’t connected to a foreign country, select the French option, and simply speak english when the CSR answers šŸ˜‰

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  1. It’s not a matter of pressure, they do not want to lose a customer from any of their services, especially not more than one at a time.They are different departments, but you can leverage your other products/services very effectively.In fact, you can often get a discount on your other services with a well crafted phone call to the wireless department.

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