Step by Step instructions to add custom tones to iOS5 hat tip/@stilez!

***Please note, no matter the method used, you are limited to a 40second clip or less.

1. Go To

2. Press [UPLOAD] button

3. Select .mp3 sound file from location on Computer

4. Customize length of sound/tone online in Audiko edior or if sound/tone is already what you want, simply press [CREATE RINGTONE] button

5. Press ‘Skip this step’ link in the top right corner to avoid paying for the file to be sent to your phone via carrier.

6. Describe Your Ringtone – Artist/Title (name it whatever you want) Press [EDIT] button

7. Click DOWNLOAD link & save to location on computer.

8. Open iTunes, Drag & drop the .m4r file into the Ringtone section

9. Plus iPhone. Once it shows up on iTunes, drag & drop the new ringtone/alert to you phone

It’ll now show up in Settings > Sounds > …

It’s that simple. You’re Finished! 🙂 )Enjoy customizing sounds for each of your contacts 🙂


Alternatively, if you’re more comfortable using iTunes to create a tone, follow these steps:

1. Import the sound to iTunes, then go to Preferences > General > Import Settings, and select AAC Encoder.

2. Now, select your sound in iTunes, right click on it, and go to Create AAC version. Then right click on the new file and select Show in Finder/Windows Explorer

3. Youíll see 2 files, the original one (MP3, WAV, whatever you downloaded), and a new .m4a file. Select the .m4a file, click it 1 more time, and edit/change the file extension to .m4r.

4. Now go back to your Music in iTunes, and select your sound again. We need to delete it from iTunes playlist, but not from your Library or Hard Drive. Right click the sound, select Delete, and on the pop up, select Keep File. (If you donít want to lose your original file).

5. Then simply double click your .m4r file, in Finder/Windows Explorer, and your tone will import right into the Ringtone section of iTunes. You can then sync it to your device or drag & drop it if you have your settings for Manual Sync, and use it for any sound you want. 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an @ reply on Twitter: @stilez 🙂

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